Our approach

WACH + MECKES LLP is a specialist firm for complex commercial disputes.

It is our approach to work out a strategy to finally resolve the individual problem of our clients and then forcefully implement this strategy.

Our work is based on the following principles:

We are experts in resolving disputes. We do so in national and multi-national disputes, through litigation, arbitration, mediation or out-of-court negotiations. We work for claimants as well as defendants.

We are pragmatists. If it is in the interests of our clients to settle a case, we will advise to settle. If it seems necessary to obtain a decision through litigation or arbitration we will take the matter to trial. We help our clients to correctly assess costs, chances and risks of the different options available to resolve the dispute.

We think our cases through to the final result. We have conducted numerous highly complex litigation and arbitration matters over the full distance. From that we know the positive and negative long term effects of certain measures early in a dispute. We are always aware of the fact that a dispute might end in litigation or arbitration even though other forms of dispute resolution were initiated. We know how sensitive communication is in such situations. We secure and structure the facts, process them into sustainable evidence and support our clients in obtaining the necessary information for the matter. We make our client's position resonate through a clear and sustainable presentation vis-à-vis courts, arbitration tribunals as well as the opposing party.


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